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Mohd Rejoan

Full animation break when using start on scrollTrigger

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Hello , I am trying to reverse the text on my mouse scroll using gsap scrollTrigger. But it's not working when using start or  toggleaction . It's just skip and break itself. 


See the Pen Pomgpdr by md-rejoan (@md-rejoan) on CodePen

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Hi Mohd!


scrollTrigger should be part of the timeline.

  scrollTrigger: {


Also, you don't need to use gsap.utils.toArray to select elements for your animations. GSAP does that for you.

// not needed
.to(gsap.utils.toArray([".line_one .char", ".line_two .char"]), {})

// simpler  
.to(".line_one .char, .line_two .char", {})


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