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What tools are guys using to creat an SVG?

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Good day,

I am learning gsap animation and I am excited to practice animating svgs. What are the tools you guys recommend to create an SVG? or is it manually coded?  I was able to apply simple animation on downloaded svg icons from flaticon. :D  

Thank you so much!

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Learning about SVG will help a lot with animation. But yep - you can download them or create them in vector graphics software.

Affinity designer is a good place to start.

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Thank you! Yeah I agree with you, learning about svg will help a lot. Thanks again!

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I like Inkscape personally, along with SVGOMG to optimize, and then usually some manual editing of the code. 

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Just chime in. If anyone is looking for a good graphic editor to make SVG for animations, listen to @Cassie. |Illustrator saves me the most time, but Affinity Designer is a good start at good price.


There was a point where I was a passionate proponent of Inkscape. Then I switched to Affinity for several months, then Illustrator for a few years.


Now I'm using Inkscape again and I'm perplexed at the lack of many features that I take for granted:

- Swap fill and stroke with a shortcut.

- Path preview when using the Bezier tool

- Drag rubberband over only a portion of the object to select it

- Export selection

- Panel manager

- Snap guides to center of an object. It was no-brainer in Illustrator and Affinity, but it took me an hour to figure out how to do that in Inkscape.


And probably many more. The shortcuts in Illy and Affi are somewhat similar, but the ones in Inkscape are totally different.


So all the tricks I've learned in Illy go down the drain. I'm switching back to Affinity. Learn SVG is already challenging for me, so I don't want to spend extra time navigating Inkscape 😁.

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100% - Affinity is so intuitive and ridiculously cheap for what you get.

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