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Stefano Monteiro

horizontalLoop() Helper

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I am using the horizontalLoop() helper demo on Codepen and I wanted to add an animation out on the current slide. I did add a rotationY and opacity successfully. I would like though, to have the the animated slide to not move to the left. I believe the change must be on the helper function, maybe add a condition (if is current slide)?


Any help is appreciated, thanks.


This is the code I added so far:

 const magnets = gsap.utils.toArray('.magnet')
  const currentMagnet = loop.current()-1 >= 0 ? loop.current()-1 : magnets.length -1
  const animatedMagnet = magnets[currentMagnet]
  const animateTL = gsap.timeline({onComplete:()=> gsap.set(animatedMagnet,{opacity:1, rotateY:0,delay:2})});
  animateTL.to(animatedMagnet, {
    // xPercent:0,
    rotateY: 75
  }).to(animatedMagnet, {
  }, '<')


See the Pen NWjOdRx by stefanomonteiro (@stefanomonteiro) on CodePen

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  • Solution

This is more of a logic issue than a GSAP question and we really try to keep these forums focused (see the forum guidelines), but perhaps you just need to do: 

xPercent: "+=0"

Does that help? 

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Sorry the topic was off the guidelines. I was thinking the change was going to be in the helper function. That worked perfectly. Thank you very much!

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