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Marc T.

Mask in chars and lines with Split Text

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I'm having problems with Split Text. I'll try to explain...

I split lines and chars and I make a mask to show char by char in each lines, but in some letters like g, y, ... they have some part hidden.

I can revert the splits after complete but you can see for a second that these letters have some parts hidden.

Someone knows how to fix that? 


See the Pen eYWLawR by marctaule (@marctaule) on CodePen

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Hey Marc. This is simply because of how your CSS is set up. Each line has the overflow hidden, but some characters go more than the current line height. You can see that it's the issue if you remove your CSS for the line height.


There's not a simple fix for that sort of situation. One solution is to use the default line height and translate the lines minorly instead. Then when SplitText is done and you revert the HTML you could add back in your line height.

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