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Marc T.

Hydrate error in Nuxt component with SplitText

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I'm having problems with some Vue components in Nuxt and SplitText.

I'll try to explain:

I have a global mixin that detects all [data-animation] elements with the scroll and fire an specific animation.

Some of these elements are components and ha. This works fine when I use opacity, X and Y, scale, etc... but when I use Split Text it doesn't.

I got an hydrate error and the animation doesn't work. 

This is the code for the animation:

if (elm.dataset.animation === 'lines-down-up-mask'){
  var split = new SplitText(elm, {
    type: "lines",
    linesClass: 'lineParent'
  var split_parent = new SplitText(elm.getElementsByClassName('lineParent'), {
    type: "lines",
    charsClass: 'lineChild'
  gsap.set(split_parent.lines, {
    y: '110%'
  gsap.to(split_parent.lines, {
    scrollTrigger: {
      trigger: elm,
      scrub: false,
      start: 'top bottom',
    stagger: {
      each: 0.1,
      ease: 'power1.in',
      y: 0,
    onComplete: function(){

This is one of the components:

  :partners="partners"  />

And inside the component I have this:

  <section class="partners">
    <div class="headline headline--4 partners__title"
         data-animation="lines-down-up-mask">{{ title }}</div>
    <MovingMarquee :images="partners" partner_logos />

I hope someone could help me, because I don't know why it happens :(



Captura de Pantalla 2021-08-04 a les 9.43.58.png

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This sounds more like an a Nuxt issue. GSAP has nothing to do with that. Best bet it to search for that error, and make sure your SplitText code does not get called until after hydration.





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