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Scroll Lottie. Help please.

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Hi, I want to change this iPhone image with Lottie Scroll animation. Can anyone help me with this? I'm sorry because I'm a beginner at this. Thanks a lot.




See the Pen NWjzVQp by cankaytaz (@cankaytaz) on CodePen

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  • cankaytaz changed the title to Scroll Lottie. Help please.

Hey there!

Sorry, it's not very clear what your goal is here.

The images are changing, are you asking how to do this GSAP animation with Lottie?

If so - Lottie isn't a GSAP product - you'll have more help over here. - https://forum.lottiefiles.com/

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I just want to change the iPhone image part with the Scroll Lottie animation. Yes I know it isn't a GSAP product but I saw someone get help with this issue in this forum. Thanks 

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We try to keep the forums to GSAP-specific questions I'm afraid. I'm sure someone over on the Lottie Forums can guide you.

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