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Flexbox Filtering with Flip - Incorrect container height during Flip causes following content to overlap

Go to solution Solved by Thomas Günther,

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I found a Codepen created by Greensock that exactly matches the behavior I'm looking for on a project, using Flip with onEnter and onLeave to filter items very smoothly.


The only problem is that any DOM content that follows the parent of the Flipping elements will be incorrectly positioned during the Flip, which causes some unsightly overlap. I'm not exactly sure how to remedy this, or even if it can be remedied using this approach.


Any suggestions?


Here is a Codepen demonstrating the issue. The only change made to the original Codepen example is the addition of a sibling container to demonstrate the overlap clearly.


Thank you!

See the Pen 94eb5be236cb0b2faba33b6cf2a52b7d by cmalven (@cmalven) on CodePen

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Just include the next-container, and any other containers that that will change size/position in the Flip animation.

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  • Solution

I had the same question a while back and got a very nice solution here: 


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Thanks for dropping that link Thomas!

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@Thomas Günther Thank you so much! That is exactly the solution I was looking for and works great. Really saved me some digging!

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