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how to set reverse ease?

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How to set reverse ease??

for example:

let tl = gsap.timeline({
    paused: false,
    defaults: {
        duration: 3,
        ease: "power3.in"

tl.to(".div1", {x : 500});
tl.to(".div2", {y : 500});


///// when called play,  ease: "power3.in" is working.



////but called reverse, ease  is not working,   how to set reverse ease? please~

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Reverse just plays the animation in reverse, so it's going to have power3.out ease.


There's really no way to have reverse use a different ease unless the animation has played all the way through, otherwise it would jump.

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Kinda sounds like a yoyoEase might work well in this case instead of reverse().  


let tl = gsap.timeline({
  repeat: 1,
  yoyo: true,
  defaults: {
    duration: 3,
    ease: "power3.in",
    yoyoEase: true

Happy tweening.



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Yep, @OSUblake and @PointC are exactly right.


One other option: set up your animations with ease: "none" and then you can animate the playhead with any ease you want with another tween: 


let tl = gsap.timeline({defaults: {ease: "none"}, paused: true});

// here's the magic: 
gsap.to(tl, {time: tl.duration(), ease: "power3.out"});

// then to go backwards with another ease:
gsap.to(tl, {time: 0, ease: "power4.inOut", overwrite: true});


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Oooh, that's so clever.

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thanks for all. thanks for resolving my problem! 

21 hours ago, Leemoon said:



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