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LoaderMax ProgressDisplay Library

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I noticed in the LoaderMax examples, they call upon a progressCircleLite type to display the loading progress. Is there any documentation on the types of progress displays that are available and what their parameters are?

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Fair question - those were just early versions of some concepts I was sketching out. They're not ready for public consumption quite yet. I will probably offer those as a membership benefit of Club GreenSock (http://www.greensock.com/club/). I've actually been making some enhancements to CircleProgressLite/Max recently. Once I have something ready, I'll add ASDocs explaining all the features and post about it. I think you'll like 'em - there are quite a few features packed into a pretty small package. Aside from TweenLite and LoaderMax components, the CircleProgressLite only adds about 3k to your swf. You can change the color, radius, thickness, textFormat, smoothness of the animation between progress values, have it automatically transition into and out of place based on the status of the linked LoaderMax loaders, etc. Again, stand by for more details and finalized versions...

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Jack, do you have an update on this thread? I'm interested in the enhancements you mentioned. And thanks for all you've done. Your Greensock class libraries are the best thing going for Flash programmers! :D

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Same here, would love to use the CircleProgressLite/Max :)

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Ditto! Has this been included in the membership? I think this would be the deciding factor for me at this point to buy the 99$ membership. :)

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The loaderMax library is impressive. For it to be considered complete, there should be a progress display included.

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