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Im using Locotmotive & GSAP but I'm confused with why it only runs on certain resolutions.

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So I'm learning how to have the smooth scrolling of LS and the sweet animation of GSAP but I have 3 issues.


First is when I run on a seperate window the animation don't work unless I go and Inspect on Chrome. The the smooth Locomotive Scroll works but as soon as I go full window it stops.


Second issue is I'm having real trouble with the start and end trigger points and how to set them. As you can see in my demo I have the markers on and while they have helped a bit I am still left stumped any good tutorials?


Third is, as you can see, My code is quite verbose. How could I condense all thes useRef and gsap.to() calls?


Thank youuu :)

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Howdy, @UncleMuscles.


Unfortunately we don't support 3rd party libraries. We've had a lot of questions here in the forums about LocomotiveScroll issues and they're usually unrelated to GSAP. We just don't have the resources to troubleshoot other tools we didn't author. We spend countless hours here every day helping people for free and it's overwhelming at times. 


If you've got any GSAP-specific questions, we'd love to help. Please see the forum guidelines.


If you still need some help, you could certainly hire someone - maybe post in our Jobs & Freelance forum. GreenSock offers custom paid consulting as well, so feel free to reach out if you want to explore that. 


Happy tweening!

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