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Scale object on a stage (Animate) from the left to at 50%

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Hi, excuse me for my lack of knowledge. I'm playing around with greensock/animate for the first time....


I am trying to scale an objects width from the left ('left_mc' across the width of the stage by 50%, I have the same happening the far right side ('right_mc')), almost like closing curtains, both objects are at very far edges of the stage. I've been tinkering with 'Scale' using TweenMax, but I cant fgure out how to pin an object and scale in one direction. Also, I guess I'll have to establish the stage dimensions first so I can define the percentage. Can someone please help point me in the right direction? or any tips on animations relative to the stage with scaling.


many thanks.



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Hey @lister110

I think you're looking for transformOrigin! You use it to define where you want the origin of a transform to be.

For curtains, the left curtain would have transformOrigin: 'left' and the right curtain would have transformOrigin: 'right'

You can't easily define scaling by a percentage of the container or stage - and I don't really know how animate works, but you could use xPercent  for a percentage of the curtain.

Also - We recommend using GSAP3 rather than TweenMax - we updated a lot since then! (Unless this is an Animate specific constraint)

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Shout if you need any nudges in the right direction ☺️

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