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Struggling with combining z-index with scrollTrigger and gsap timeline...

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Hi there,


I feel like I am almost there but not really....


I am trying to create a scrollable container within a section. This container will be scrollable and each scroll within this container will open up another div / chapter... basically trying to recreate this: 

See the Pen 6a2480c123d88dc391faba0ea5cc590f by akapowl (@akapowl) on CodePen

 inside the section.


I am encountering two issues

1. the scrolling does not work

2. when i add this new "scrolltrigger timeline" code, the infinity scroll stops working. 


Appreciate the help. Trying to learn GSAP with all the available demos!

See the Pen jOmYZNz by ladybytez (@ladybytez) on CodePen

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Hi! So I managed to get them to overlap but it's not scrolling properly...

Can I get some help with my code? 

See the Pen jOmYZNz by ladybytez (@ladybytez) on CodePen

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Hey there ladybytez,

Firstly - you're missing a closing div tag on 'red-container'

I've taken a look at your pen but I don't really understand what you're trying to do. It looks like you've tried to mix two pens together - I'm not really understanding what the outcome you want is.

I think you'd have more luck starting a fresh pen, reading through those examples and rewriting code specifically for your purpose. 

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If you have a specific question about part of your code, we'll happily help. But there's a lot to go through here and it's a bit beyond the scope of the forums to build out custom solutions.

Obviously anyone is welcome to jump in to help!

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