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Nitro Interactive

Shockingly Green Member - Missing Plugin ThrowPropsPlugin.js?

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I apologize in advance if I am missing something obvious.  I checked to see if this plugin was combined/included with another but I'm not seeing that information on the ScrollProps docs --- is it right in front of my face?  Order by 'Name', ThrowPropPlugin.js --- I checked my membership level twice thinking maybe it didn't come with my membership level.



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Hello there, @Nitro Interactive.


From what I can tell you, in GSAP3, the InertiaPlugin does what the ThrowPropsPlugin did before.


The GSAP3 MigrationGuide is a good place to look for relavant changes between versions or if have trouble finding something, you know was there before. I understand that it can be a tad confusing, if you don't know where exactly to look, though.



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Yes, @akapowl is exactly right. We simply renamed ThrowPropsPlugin to InertiaPlugin because it’s more intuitive. There are some other improvements we made in InertiaPlugin too but overall functionality is very similar. 

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