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ScrollTrigger toogle animation onEnter and onLeave

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So I want to use ScrollTrigger to toogle pointerEvents of the elements whenever user scroll to a certain div block.
In the codepen, when user scroll to red block, pointerEvents supposed to be auto, and at green block, it supposed to be none. What I tried is only work for onEnter and re-onEnter the block only. Im new to ScrollTrigger so could someone tell me how can I achieve this and is using ScrollTrigger the right approach? 

See the Pen poPdZrb by ntobyh (@ntobyh) on CodePen

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Hey there Toby,

How about something like this?

Additional note - I assume you're trying to disable the button by changing pointer events - this is a pretty inaccessible pattern so I'd go for swopping out aria disabled instead and then styling that state in CSS.

See the Pen 1f67c7c5ca16c6ac7aed2215845ac326?editors=0110 by cassie-codes (@cassie-codes) on CodePen

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Thank you for the answer! It does help me achieving the effect I'm looking for

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