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Morph text expands

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I tried to convert svg text, but the result is not so good.


I try to change width of svg text (it's like this web https://markus.se/), but I don't understand well how it works, need multiple same svg text with different width or just 1 svg text to do away ?


Thank you for your help

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You could do morphing but that link you provided looks to me like they're just using a variable font. Maybe put each letter into a <span> and animate its fontWeight. 


If you still need help, please provide a minimal demo and we'd be happy to take a peek. 

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This is my demo version.


Currently I use svg but need 2 svg to change path. So is there a way to use 1 svg and still do the same thing?


Thanks for your help


See the Pen qBmVZRq by rk856321 (@rk856321) on CodePen

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No, if you plan to morph like that you'd need the end value too. You can't just have a start value :)


You could probably reduce that value quite a bit by limiting those numbers to 2 or maybe 3 decimal places. You've got a LOT of precision built in there which nobody will notice visually. 


And like I said, you could probably do this with variable fonts but it's totally up to you. 



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