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DrawSVG moving very fast

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Hello! New here and new to gsap so apologies if I break any rules. I've been staring at this for a while and just might need a new set of eyes.


For some reason the paths are drawing super fast. If I change the duration to something like 6000, some move normally, others are suuuuper slow. 


Could anyone take a look? 

See the Pen jOmmyVz by obe5egiraffe (@obe5egiraffe) on CodePen

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Hi @trousersthecat :)


Welcome to the forum.


Since you've specified the pathLength attribute as "1", you need to write your GSAP tween like this to go from 0 → 1.

tl.fromTo(pj1Paths, { drawSVG: 0 }, { duration: 6, drawSVG: 1 });

Or you can remove that attribute from the elements and your original tween will work correctly.


Just FYI, the duration should be in the vars for GSAP 3 syntax.


I hope that helps.


Happy tweening.



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