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gsap not working anymore

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I have a site where I experiment with gsap. It always work ok. Yesterday I wanted to show to someone these experiments and they are not working anymore. I thought was this person old Mac computer but back home it doesn't work neither on may MAc Laptop nor IMac . Something to do with the new gsap version ? I just changed in my html file gsap 3.6 to 3.7 but not still dead.

Thanks for any help.


the site : https://www.motion.experiments.imaginatica.com/

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if you to the site look at the "In the forest". It has a link to code where you can see the animation working :

See the Pen xxEezPg by imaginatica (@imaginatica) on CodePen

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Ok. Sorry for the trouble. Lazyloads. WPRocket, wordpress plugin. Gsap is back. Thanks!!

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I am very glad you had this drama - because now I'm aware of these lovely Toucan experiments. 💜

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Thanks Cassie. It is  great you like it. There will be  more to come soon.

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