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Is there a way to run .batch method only once?

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As the title says, is there a way to stop the .batch animation from running? I just want it to run only once but it keeps running after entering in the trigger.


ScrollTrigger.batch(".fadeIn, .fadeIns > *", {
  onEnter: (batch) =>
    gsap.from(batch, {
    y: "100%",
    opacity: 0,
    duration: 1,
    delay: 0.25,
    stagger: 0.125,
    ease: "power3.out",
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Hey @Brandonjhz


You should be able to set once: true for it to only trigger once.



Boolean - If true, the ScrollTrigger will kill() itself as soon as the end position is reached once. This causes it to stop listening for scroll events and it becomes eligible for garbage collection. This will only call onEnter a maximum of one time as well. It does not kill the associated animation. It's perfect for times when you only want an animation to play once when scrolling forward and never get reset or replayed. It also sets the toggleActions to "play none none none".




See the Pen 3545e02fd00d0a1fd8fb3aea2472820f by akapowl (@akapowl) on CodePen


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