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jakob zabala

Swinging / Rocking motion needing improvement

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Need some help with the infinite looping rocking motion. I would like it to have a smoother transition into a natural back and forth rocking motion. ;) 

See the Pen OJmyopv by jaykobz (@jaykobz) on CodePen

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@GreenSock @OSUblake Thanks for your suggestions. I suppose I didn't explain myself properly. What i am looking for is an initial swing down from the tags (with a back.out ease), but for this to transition smoothly into a back and forth gentle infinite rocking motion. I was wondering if there were any tips to make this transition feel more real / gravity like... maybe this should all be in one timeline, but my solutions so far didn't look that good, splitting it like this was the best but not what I'm after. Thanks for the help 

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@mikel but how to then transition this to an infinite rocking motion seamlessly?

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