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How to remove style property from elements after animation!?

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When I use this:

tl.to( all_tiles, .25, { opacity: 0, stagger: .01, onComplete: removeClass, onCompleteParams: ['on']}); // I remove the class 'on' from the element, which should then set the opacity back to 0 for me to be able to 'reanimete' them again.

to 'reset' all tiles ... I cannot reanimate them again ... the 'style' property on the elements keep being: "opacity: 0" (of cource) ... But I'm using a class ('on') to set the opacity to 1 and when removing the class the opacity.


How to I get rid of the style property on the elements?


https://www.dropbox.com/s/z0stuaafq4umiwc/Screenshot 2021-07-04 at 12.29.03.png?dl=0

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Yeah, tried that, but it still won't let me 'reanimate' the bugger ... have no clue what's going on!

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It would be awesome if you could create a minimal demo then, showing your issue within context of your usecase, as it is pretty much impossible to help you blindly. And maybe there is even a whole different approach to what you want to do.


Thanks :) 

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Like @akapowl said, it's almost impossible to troubleshoot blind so a minimal demo would go a LONG way toward getting you a solid answer. 


From your description, it sure sounds like clearProps would be the solution, I agree. If it's not working, it probably has to do with something else in your code. 


You can remove the class in the onComplete like this (I assume all_tiles is an Array): 

tl.to( all_tiles, { 
  duration: 0.25,
  opacity: 0, 
  stagger: .01, 
  clearProps: "opacity",
  onComplete: () => all_tiles.forEach(el => el.classList.remove("on"), 


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