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Mohd Rejoan

Do only use of gsap.min.js required me to buy a license?

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Hello I build this project using only gsap 3 core file (gsap.min.js )  https://website.kaexpertise.com/

It's fully dynamic. I think  client will use this item on multiple site and for multiple user. Do I need to buy a license for this ? Do client need to buy a license for this? I saw the license page but it's pretty confusing (Not an native speaker in English). 

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  • Solution

There are only 3 reasons to get a Club GreenSock membership: 

  1. Commercial license - if multiple customers are charged a fee of any kind for your site/app/product that uses GreenSock technology, you need the commercial license that comes with "Business Green" memberships. If you are simply doing custom web sites and charge only a one-time development fee for those, the standard "no charge" license covers that. It looks to me like your site qualifies under the "no charge" license, but only you know if multiple customers are being charged. Why do we operate this way? See https://greensock.com/why-license
  2. Bonus plugins - there are a bunch of plugins like MorphSVG, Flip, SplitText, DrawSVG, etc. that are only available to members. But the core animation engine is free to use in the vast majority of use cases.
  3. Support ongoing development - we have multiple employees supporting this full-time which is quite expensive. We provide these forums for free. It takes a lot of effort to continually innovate and support the platform, so sometimes people sign up for Club GreenSock just to say "thanks" and encourage our efforts.   

Let us know if you have any other questions or concerns. Happy tweening!

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Thank you so much I am pretty clear now about this topic. Thanks a lot

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