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dragging to set x y and radius

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I'm trying to make some functions to resize a circle and move it around using the mouse.

It works (check the codepen I made), but...

Only if the playhead is moving or at least in a playfull state XD.

When paused I cannot influence my circle.

Isn't there a kind of refresh command I could use in my functions to still make GSAP read the new style at the time of pause?

See the Pen abWOZEo by trufo (@trufo) on CodePen

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Just checking if you've seen draggable

If you'd rather stick with the core of GSAP, I reckon you'll need to create some sort of loop with gsap.ticker() to constantly update the coordinates when the element's being dragged.

Obviously as we have a plugin that does this it would be a little out of the scope of these forums to craft custom interaction for you! But anyone else is welcome to jump in.

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that draggable plugin fits the bill perfectly...

I can now pause the timeline, move & resize elements and un-pause the timeline

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Excellent to hear!

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