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individual duration for .to('.class')?

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I have the follow code, that makes my "apple" class move up and down just a bit. It works as you would expect

gsap.to('.apple', {duration:2, y:'20%',  repeat:-1, yoyo:true, ease: "power1.inOut"});    


But it's too in sync for my taste, and what i really want to do is offset each element just a bit. Is there a way to randomize each elements duration and y-offset - or would i have to animate each object individually?



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Hey @Peach2tm,


Welcome to the GreenSock Forum.


If you want an endless repeat, you could use function-based values or random values in a loop.


See the Pen jOmPWOJ by mikeK (@mikeK) on CodePen


... and please provide your case in a CodePen - its easier for us.


Happy tweening ...



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That was easy:

gsap.to('.apple', {duration:'random(0.5,2)', y:'20%',  repeat:-1, yoyo:true, ease: "power1.inOut"});


Or to update yours:

See the Pen NWjqxpJ by anders-wibroe (@anders-wibroe) on CodePen


Problem now is that the use of yoyo:true makes the animation wait to reserve until the end of the duration of the slowest element. How would i make each element yoyo separately?

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you could use advanced stagger.


gsap.to(".box", {
  y: 100,
  stagger: { // wrap advanced options in an object
    each: 0.1,
    from: "center",
    grid: "auto",
    ease: "power2.inOut",
    repeat: -1 // Repeats immediately, not waiting for the other staggered animations to finish


Happy staggering ...


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Thanks, this works perfectly!

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