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Make Shatter Effect floating at the end of Animation GSAP 3

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Hi everyone. I am new with GSAP, My goal is trying to make this animation done today. I am learning stagger and other tools. Can anyone help with this animation ?. I tried to make all pieces from the crystal floating forever after .to.  without animating single one of them

See the Pen dyWPLbR by longd (@longd) on CodePen

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Hi DLong!


Not sure I completely understand what you're asking. Tweens don't go on forever. To make something go on forever, you would probably have to use a ticker, and it would be much more complicated. 


The easiest solution might be to use larger random values.


See the Pen bGWNXqZ by GreenSock (@GreenSock) on CodePen

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On a separate note - this is really cool @DLong - We'd love to share it when you're finished and happy with it!

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