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2. Layered pinning onEnterBack callback runs multiple times

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Hi all,

I need some guidance on what I might be doing wrong and if my approach is efficient

The scrolling breaks onEnterBack when I am scrolling upwards from the bottom of the viewport as it is scrolling on its own to the top.
I am getting no errors.
I am not sure why this is happening in need some guidance.
Any suggestions or corrections will be much appreciate, thank you.

See the Pen BaRaqQL?editors=1111 by Teebo (@Teebo) on CodePen

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Hey @Teebo,


There is no need or benefits from creating multiple threads for the same problem - it might cause confusion among anyone who is trying to help, though. So it would be great if you could stick to one thread wih this.




Just as Jack (in the other thread) I can not reproduce what you mentioned at all - so I can not be of much help here.

I will add this here piece of warning by @ZachSaucier from the thread this technique of immediate snapping originated from though:


"It should be said that ScrollTrigger is not built to scroll-jack like what this approach does. The approach above is a hack and I don't really recommend using it. If you really need this sort of functionality then you'll need to either build the functionality yourself or use an existing tool like fullpage.js. But even then, depending on your needs, there are likely to be issues because web browsers are simply not built to work in this sort of way." 


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6 minutes ago, Teebo said:

@akapowl thanks a lot; I will delete this one


It's alright, you don't have to.

I just wanted to make sure we keep things bundled in one place for everyone to have a better overview :) 

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