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Moises Arrona

How can I make a timeline end when I finish all the animation and it is not interrupted by the next timeline?

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I have a problem, when creating 2 timelines the first animation line is interrupted by the second line, I would like it to finish and continue with the next timeline without being interrupted.

I have tried: "const {innerHeight} = window" but when the timeline is too long it gets interrupted by the next timeline


is there another way to do it?

See the Pen vYmYgqr by MoisesA (@MoisesA) on CodePen

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I read your question a few times and looked at your CodePen but I'm lost - what do you think is getting interrupted and why do you think that? What exactly are you expecting to happen that isn't happening? What does innerHeight have to do with it? 

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On 28/6/2021 at 17:03, GreenSock said:

Leí tu pregunta varias veces y miré tu CodePen, pero estoy perdido. ¿Qué crees que se interrumpe y por qué piensas eso? ¿Qué esperas que suceda exactamente que no está sucediendo? ¿Qué tiene que ver innerHeight con esto? 

When you made a timeline that has many animations, it interrupts another timeline, example:

timeline () .to () * 40 animation

timeline () .to () * 10 animation

the first animation is interrupted by the second, try to fix it with end in scrollTrigger with no result

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Can you please a make a minimal demo? It's impossible to answer without seeing what you're doing.

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