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Is there a way to Seamlessly Vertically loop 1 image infinitely

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I am new to Greensock but very excited to get to know it.  I do web design and development for a small company and I am trying to convince them to update our system to be able to use more modern libraries and plugins.  I am working on a new corporate site on my own that I want to include a scrolling image of a full website over an image of a monitor.  It is just 1 image and want it to autoplay and loop infinitely , and have a seamless transition between loops.  I have done some research and messed with it a bit and can get it to work with animations,  or I could turn it into a video, but I am hoping to show my boss the benefits of updating our system by using methods that are not possible with what we have.  Does gsap have something that I can use to achieve this?  I also tried putting the code  into codepen to share but all I have is dropbox and google drive and they don't seem to want to allow the images to be shared.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!

See the Pen KKWEEYe by mbooth364 (@mbooth364) on CodePen

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@PointC has a very simple solution for this that clones and loops an element. The example shows text scrolling horizontally but you should be able to set it up to scroll vertically with an image.


See the Pen ExgExxL by PointC (@PointC) on CodePen



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