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.add() to a timeline at a particular label but coded out of sequence?

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Hi all, I am trying to .add() a couple of timelines to a master timeline using labels, but coded out of sequence.


Here is a pen of the timeline working correctly when coded in sequence.


However, when the nested timelines are added out of sequence (assume they will be added in a separate js file), it does not function as expected.


Maybe my understanding of how labels work is incorrect?

Any help would be appreciated. 👍


Not working

See the Pen mdWoaRM by brioenzswozlle (@brioenzswozlle) on CodePen



See the Pen XWMGyOG by brioenzswozlle (@brioenzswozlle) on CodePen

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Hi void!


You can add animations wherever you want, and at any time, but if a label doesn't exists, it's going to get added to the end of the timeline. Your timeline is empty, so the outro label is at the same position as the intro label. 


You can verify the label times.




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Thank you, shiftChildren is exactly what I was looking for.

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