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Charles Lavalard

Can't use data property to Trigger gsap F.L.I.P change

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I'm playing around with the GreenSock F.L.I.P plugin and Vue.Js and i stumble on an issue


I tried changing the layout with a data property in VueJs instead of a class toggle


But I don't know if it could works and why what I have done doesn't

Could someone explain why is it so ?

See the Pen MWpxEXm by FreeStab (@FreeStab) on CodePen

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Hi Charles!


Changes in frameworks are done asynchronously so updates can get batched together. So you need to wait for the DOM to render those changes.



this.flexClass = !this.flexClass;

this.$nextTick(() => {
  Flip.from(state, {
    absolute: true,
    duration: 0.5,
    stagger: 0.05,
    ease: "power1.inOut"


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