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Achieving a better scroll effect

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I have two sections in a webpage as you see in the CodePen below. A section inside a wrap class and a section to show some parallax effect (borrowed from a Pen that you guys did). The animation effect and linkage between the two sections do not look ideal to me. I'd like to achieve an animation like this (especially for the transition between the two sections)

It seems like the scroll sequence in that example includes some pinning (???). Is there a way I can achieve that kind of effect for my webpage using gsap?  or am I not doing an apple-to-apple comparison?


See the Pen JjWxqQw by Akbarbakhshi (@Akbarbakhshi) on CodePen

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  • Ak89 changed the title to Achieving a better scroll effect

Hey Ak, unless I'm missing something I think you are indeed comparing Apples to Green Socks. The link example you give actually scrubs through a sequence of images like a video, not really parallax.


These threads might help point you in the right direction, search the forum there might be some others.




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HiVisual-Q. Thanks for the response. I see what you're saying. Interesting! I am very new to all this magic and so I might be confusing different things together. The examples that you shared also really helped. Thanks!

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