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New text line break pinning

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Hi! Here is a problem. This block moves down because text has 30% width and it has two lines. But script loads faster than text goes on the second line and the block moves down. I can't use <br/> because on mobile it will be other. How to fix it?


2021-06-13 22-24-24 Home - DDS — Yandex Browser.png

2021-06-13 22-25-07 A Pen by Makssshow — Yandex Browser.png

See the Pen qBrQXVY by makssshow (@makssshow) on CodePen

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What if you get rid of the top and bottom margin?

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4 minutes ago, OSUblake said:

top and bottom margin

There is no bottom margin. It doesn't help. The problem is in the number of lines

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6 hours ago, OSUblake said:

Does this not fix the issue?



No, it is still broken( 

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  • Solution

I fixed it by using default font with letters size like in the custom. The problem was in the font. Next line started because the custom font has big letter size and it loades latter then js.

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