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Hi guys,

I am interested to do a button/slider timing animation and I like the one from the https://greensock.com/ main page.

I am new to GSAP and I saw that tweenmax got deprecated and in general GSAP has a lot of plugins, features, etc. A bit lost...
I don't know on which plugin to focus, or is only gsap3 core?

Any examples, guidance will be much appreciated ^_^

Screenshot 2021-06-10 at 13.18.19.jpg

Screenshot 2021-06-10 at 13.18.35.jpg

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The GSAP core will pretty much get you there. If you wanted a click-and-drag functionality with it (not on the gsap homepage), you'll need the draggable plugin.


To be clear, the homepage is a slider of gsap features/capabilities, so there's a lot of extras happening inside each slide that require various plugins. The core slider, however, should be completely possible via the gsap core.

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Yep, all you need is the core. If you're new to GSAP, I'd highly recommend the following: 

Happy tweening!

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