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Hi guys,

my first post here ^_^, 

I tried to animate on `x` axes and it works ok but I want to make this animation better. I am quite lost because to achieve such thing I need many marker "start&end". 

I know that my markers are messed up but I want to achieve 2 things:
1. At the moment my animation works only 1 way "when scrolling from top to bottom" - I want the animation to happen in both ways... 
how is possible to tell "end" to become "start"?
2. `left-col`, `middle-col`, `right-col` are under 1 `section` and when the animation `start` hits the `section` the third/last `right-col` could finish till it gets there. - I would prefer the animation to `start` when the view port hits `right-col` not `section`
(`snap: 1 / 2,`) works but sometime is quite slow and animation and `snap` is not in sync.  looks like something is missing.

I don't think my GSAP code is clean, feel free to delete/simplify things if required ^_^

Any guidance/support will be much appreciated!

See the Pen index.js:138-200 by s (@s) on CodePen

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Hi @Ali Manuel 

thank you for the example it helps a bit, that's quite a complex/complicated example O_O

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