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TextPlugin used with dynamic text?

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Question. I'm building banners which use dynamic text data. Let's say I have a flexbox with a set characters limit, ie; 30 Characters max. Nothing too long as it has to fit into a relatively small banner format. The banner runs for 3 frames. Therefore, frame 1 says something like "Get Rich Quicker with our company". Then frame 2 changes that text to "Join the new revolution" and a final frame ( frame 3 ) then says "Today is your day to become something more". 

Now, the exact text that will be pulled into the banner will not always be known in advance and will therefore NOT be hardcoded. Therefore, something like this: `tl.to("h1 span", {duration: 4, text:" Join the new revolution!"})` only works when you know what the text your going to use will be and hardcode it. Can this be used with say a variable? 

Let's say I declare the variable, can I then use something along the lines of `tl.to ("h1 span", { duration: 4, text: frame1Copy })` whereby frame1Copy is the variable containing the text that is being pulled into the creative at the time?? 

Thanks in advance for any assistance with this.

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Sorry, I've done a bit of testing on this and it works great with a dynamic variable. I'll close this ticket...

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Glad you got it sorted!

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