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Opposite of random()

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Hi, I've read the docs, but I'm still unsure. What is the opposite of random() ?


I want my divs to be "yPercent:2" away from eachother



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Hi @TrulyNewbie. I read your question a few times and I'm still kinda lost. Are you asking a GSAP question related to animation or are you asking a CSS question about how to set up your <div> elements to have a 2% margin? And where does "random()" tie in? 

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Hi, a GSAAP question I believe. So at the moment I have an animation where the divs are scattered and when they gather I want them to have a 2% margin from each other. But all divs have the same name. So I figured I’d have to do it dynamically 

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Sure, if you can provide a minimal demo we'd be happy to take a peek. 


It kinda depends on your setup. I'd probably make them set up initially the way you want them with the CSS determining their layout (margin) and then you could animate to x/y of 0 from a random value. Another option is to use Flip plugin which will do all the hard work for you - simply capture the current state, put them in the state you want (you could apply a class, remove inline styles whatever) and then tell Flip to animate from the previous state. 

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Thank you for your help. 

This demo gave me the code i was thinking of - 

See the Pen KVVNjy by GreenSock (@GreenSock) on CodePen


yPercent:function(index){ return index * 2},

^^^ That's what I had mind.


Thank you again!

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The opposite direction maybe? Coming from random values and ended up at predefined values?

This is how I'd do it -

See the Pen YzZrEPV by GreenSock (@GreenSock) on CodePen

note, I've updated to new GSAP3 syntax and changed the CDN link too.

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