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Using TextPlugin with Repeat

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Hi all


I'm trying to animate the "writing" of random text on repeat.


Here's what I came up with so far:


gsap.to('#text', {duration:10, repeat:-1, repeatRefresh:true, text:{value:rndstr(27)}})


rndstr(x) is a custom function that returns a random string of lenght x.


This works fine the first time it's running (it fills the div with a random 27-char string as expected, however it doesn't seem to repeat (or at least it won't fetch a new string on repeat).


Is my use of "repeatRefresh" not sufficient to have gsap fetch a new string? What am I missing?



See the Pen BaWpWPq by remo-pini (@remo-pini) on CodePen

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1 minute ago, remopini said:

What am I missing?


A function to call on every refresh.

gsap.to('#textbox1', {
  duration: 1, // duration should be a number, not a string
  text:{value: () => rndstr(20)}


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Great! Thx. Codepen updated to reflect solution.

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