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gsap/ScrollTrigger with next-transpile-modules

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Hello there!

I'm using next-transpile-modules  with gsap but I'm getting some deprecated warnings/infos when I run my code.

The warning is:


"next-transpile-modules - DEPRECATED - fallbackingto previous module resolution system for module 'gsap/ScrollTriger', you can now just pass the name of the package to transpile and it will detect its real path without you having to pass a sub-module."


I have file next.config.js with code:


const withImages = require("next-images");
const withTM = require("next-transpile-modules")([
module.exports = withImages(withTM());


and I'm importing gsap and ScrollTriger like this:


import gsap from "gsap";
import { ScrollTrigger } from "gsap/ScrollTrigger";


I have tried to import it like : './ScrollTrigger' and 'gsap' and even 'ScrollTrigger' but nothing seems to work.

Hope someone knows the solution to this.

Thank you, have a nice day

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So is it working? Or you just have warnings?


The way that warning reads makes me think you just need to do this.

const withTM = require("next-transpile-modules")([


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Hi, I have tried that aswell and the warnings persist. I mean the website actually works as intended but I get a lot of these warnings which gets a bit 'messy'

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In the case of Next you need to import the file from the dist folder:

import { ScrollTrigger } from "gsap/dist/ScrollTrigger";

Happy Tweening!!!

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Tried that aswell and works fine in dev mode but doesn't work in production (even when I'm considering tree shaking)

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And this is the main dist file.

import { gsap } from "gsap/dist/gsap";



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