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Alexander S.

Create a pause after Scrolltrigger animation

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Hello everyone!


I am new to GSAP and quite blown away by the possibilities.

What I am trying to achieve is to insert a short pause at the end of my scrolltrigger stagger.


Right now the animation finishes and immediately begins to leave the screen upon completion. I would like it to require an extra scroll or two after it completes, so the user has some feedback "Ok, it's done playing" and has some time to consume the content before it flies off the screen.


How would this best be achieved?

My apologies if this is already covered in the docs, I have been searching, but it can get a bit overwhelming for a beginner.




See the Pen YzZpVoK by aStingl (@aStingl) on CodePen

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Hi @Alexander S.,


One way you can achieve this is to move from a tween to a timeline and allow scrollTrigger to control the timeline. Then, you can tack on an empty tween with a relative position to achieve the "pause" ... which is really just a tween affecting/doing nothing for a specified amount of time.


See the Pen KKWNvaL?editors=0010 by sgorneau (@sgorneau) on CodePen


Hope this helps!



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Hello Shaun,


Thank you very much!

This works perfectly and also gives my other animations a much better feel.


I really appreciate the help!


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