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Create Scroll Trigger demo in React

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Hello All,

Please can someone help me convert this codepen to react. I tried to remove some of the fluff (like the loader and some css) but it seems the scroll animation freezes halfway through after my changes. Specifically, I would like to also get this demo to work without including

document.body.style.overflow = "auto";



See the Pen BaogqYy by noeldelgado (@noeldelgado) on CodePen

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Adding a start point to your ScrollTrigger instances seems to work:

  { x },
    x: xEnd,
    scrollTrigger: {
      trigger: section,
      start: "top 92%",
      scrub: 0.5

Also it's a good idea to pass an array of dependencies to your useEffect hook in order to prevent it from running everytime the state or  a property of the component is updated:

useEffect(() => {
  // code here
}, []);

The array can have dependencies or not, read more about it here:



Happy Tweening!!!

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