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OnClick reset animation before playing another.

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Hi, I have two animations start and end,  How can I stop or reset end if I click start.

Want animations to work better if buttons are pressed quickly.



See the Pen gOmazwa by buster808 (@buster808) on CodePen

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Tweens (and timelines) have a bunch of control methods you can use to... well... control them I guess. Some examples would be tween.play() tween.progress() or tween.kill()

You can read more about them in the docs 

In your case you could kill the previous tween, then recreate a tween with the correct stagger direction and play it?

See the Pen 2d6ff124460711653b7cbe1e9dd3961d?editors=0011 by cassie-codes (@cassie-codes) on CodePen

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Another option is to set overwrite: true on your tween which will cause it to find all other tweens of the same target(s) and immediately kill them. Basically, you were creating conflicting tweens. 

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ah! That's a good one, I always forget that exists.

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