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ScrollTrigger vertical scroll pin-spacer problem

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Hello. can't figure out how to fix this.

I searched the forum, but did not find exactly this problem. And what I did find I didn't really understand.

If pinSpace: True,  I have a huge padding below section 2. 
If pinSpacefalse, the spacer exceeds the section 3.


*The reason why I give so much height to section 2 is to slow down the animation. 


Can you help me? 


See the Pen gOmOxze by Gon82 (@Gon82) on CodePen

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Hi @goooon,


Remove your height setting for section2, then use end: '+=600%', pinSpacing: true,


The percentage for the end value is viewport heights so that'd give you the same effect without overlapping section 3.

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Amazing. I can't believe it.



Thank you so much! 

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