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Strange ScrollTrigger wrong spacing between chars in Firefox browser

Go to solution Solved by GreenSock,

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I have a strange letter spacing after timeline animation in Firefox browser,

I read a lot about this issue and font-kerning is solution for this, but not in my situation.


So try to hover first paragraph in Firefox browser and see the changes, there will be wrong spacing.

I have attachment how it looks like on my side after hover.

If try to change font-size to bigger size it's kind of okay. But I need 18px)


Firefox version 88.0,

OS version 10.12.6 Sierra (maybe because of it this issue appear, can't check it)


Can you help me, please?

Thanks in advance!


See the Pen OJpJWzW by ChicagoJostik (@ChicagoJostik) on CodePen

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Hm, I don't really understand the problem. I looked in Firefox. Seemed totally fine, but I'm sure I must be missing something. Unfortunately if your OS is adding custom kerning to things, that cannot be replicated when you split text. It's just the nature of how browsers work. 

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If it is okay on your side, I think it's all my old macbook.

Thanks a lot, Jack!

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