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Right to left horizontal scroll support

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Hi, I have an horizontal rtl page, 
the indicators are all aligned to the left. 

the start and end are sticked together... 
have any one managed to work with the rtl horizontal scroll? 



See the Pen gOmYorv by davsev (@davsev) on CodePen

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  • davsev changed the title to Right to left horizontal scroll support

Hi Davsev,


Firstly, I see you're using scrollMagic, we at GreenSock don't recommend ScrollMagic. Instead we recommend the official scroll plugin: ScrollTrigger! It's better in every way.

Here's a demo that should help.

See the Pen YzygYvM by GreenSock (@GreenSock) on CodePen

Happy tweening!

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Hey @davsev - welcome to the forums.


You also find an RTL-solution for a fake-horizontal scrolling ScrollTrigger like that one @Cassie pointed you to in this thread here





I gave it a shot trying to rework that pen to a native RTL-scroll with scrubbing ScrollTriggers and a mousewheel-scrolljack implemented like you have in your example, but I just had to rewire my brain and think the other way around when it came to the animations and start and end of the ScrollTriggers - because in the end the sections are in the DOM in the same order as in the HTML markup - I think this might not be the easiest to wrap your head around. Maybe @GreenSock can say something about RTL-support for ScrollTrigger?


See the Pen 92b6f43b7afa569e6a02ceb87248b83f by akapowl (@akapowl) on CodePen


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Ah! I missed the RTL aspect of this, thanks for spotting that @akapowl

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Thank you all for your responses!
I couldn't find any RTL related posts...
I think I will have to rewrite the indicators file...

Anyone have tried to do so before?

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