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How to change drawSVG starting point?

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Hey all,

I have an issue with drawSVG,
How can I change direction of animation?

I mean right now it starts from right to left, but I need from left to right.


I read a lot of related questions, but they were about from 0% to 100%, but what about 100% to 0%?

Also I read about using Adobe Illustrator and changing path direction there, but it's not comfortable.


Thanks in advance!

See the Pen bGgJgwZ by ChicagoJostik (@ChicagoJostik) on CodePen

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If you're looking to tween the line from right to left, using this in your path's d attribute does the trick:


<path id="first" style="stroke-width:1;fill:none;stroke:#000;" d="M77,8 L0,8"></path>

If you're looking for a different shape, honestly I don't know, SVG is not my strongest suit. It seems that you already took a look at this thread:

And to this article by @PointC:



Perhaps @PointC, @Cassie or @OSUblake (didn't forget this time :D) our SVG wizards could enlighten us in a different way to do this.


Happy Tweening!!!

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@Rodrigo Thanks, Rodrigo!

Yes, I understand that I can change path, but what if I have complicated multiple paths, it's really hard to change it with Adobe Illustrator, that's why I want to find out the solution by drawSVG.

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  • Solution

I think this should do what you want


See the Pen ExZqKGr by snorkltv (@snorkltv) on CodePen




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@Carl OMG! Now I understand how silly my question is)

I've just started to learn drawSVG and now I see how "100% 100%" works)

Thanks a lot, Carl! And thanks for your tutorials!

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