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Scroll trigger : trigger position unexpected behavior on live site, fluid animation

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I need the behavior of my live site to match my codepen implementation and am not sure why the trigger start is not after the title and think this is throwing off the rest of the scrolling.  Thanks in advance.  Not sure what's going on here.


So the. codepen demo is here  and  my live site is here https://upbeat-hugle-f33533.netlify.app/

See the Pen QWdrYjO by davidbwaters (@davidbwaters) on CodePen

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Hey @davidbwaters


It is way out of scope for these forums to debug live websites.

If it works in codepen but not on your site, it must likely be something off with the way you do things there.


What I think might be causing your issue is that you are loading the JS in the head of your HTML before everything has been loaded and you are not  creating your fluidRevealEl-ScrollTriggers inside of a DOMContentLoaded-function like you do with other stuff on your page, so these ScrollTriggers might not have the correct values to work with when they are being created.


I could be very wrong though - it could be a lot of different things.

But as mentioned, strolling through hundreds of lines of code is not within the support that can be offered here.


Welcome to the forums though :) 

We'll be happy to help with any GSAP specific questions.


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Thanks.  I completely understand.  I just wanted to see if I was overlooking something obvious that was ScrollTrigger related.  


I wrapped it in a DOMContentLoaded and it still had the issue, but narrowed it down to some DOM change I must be making because I added a 500ms timeout and it works.

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