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Can someone give me 5 minutes on a google meeting to help me solve my problem?

Go to solution Solved by GreenSock,

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I have created some scroll triggers which are not really quite working out together the way I want them to work. I am sure its not a big problem. Its just a tiny fix and it will be working absolutely fine. I would really appreciate if someone can help me out with that.

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Sorry, this isn't really an appropriate request for these forums. If you need help, please create a minimal demo and craft a succinct question to post here. It may seem to you like it'd only take a few minutes on a Google meeting for an expert to solve your issue, but that very well may not be the case; once someone commits to an in-person Google meeting, they're kinda roped in at that point. It could easily lead to them feeling taken advantage of or eating up a lot more time than they were anticipating. I'm sure that's not your intention at all - I'm just explaining why it's not appropriate in these forums. Most GSAP experts are VERY busy, as their time is in high-demand and I'd like to respect that. 


We're happy to help with any GSAP-specific questions that you post in these forums. 

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