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Pinned layered divs with smooth ScrollTo

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I would like to know if it's possible to have a smoothscroll effect on layered pinned divs. 
In my codepen seems not to work, when I click on link it jumps without scrolling in a smooth way. 
I'm using ScrollTrigger and ScrollTo plugins.

Thank you in advance!

See the Pen KKaEmvJ by scavaliere (@scavaliere) on CodePen

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Hi @scavaliere,


Two quick things.

  1. You can't start an id with a digit, it must start with [A-Za-z]
  2. Before scrollTo can do its thing in response to clicking on an anchor, you must first prevent the default behavior (which is to jump to the position of an element with a matching name or id)

See the Pen BapbRXv by sgorneau (@sgorneau) on CodePen


Hope this helps!



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Hello Shaun, 
it works perfectly !
Thank you!

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