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Performance / Debug on a ScrollTrigger based project

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Dear GreenSock friends,

I need some help to debug a ScrollTrigger based project,

sometimes timelines don't trigger.


I can't post links due to non-disclosure agreements.


I can pay on PayPal or instant bank transfer if you're in the UK.


Many thanks!

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5 hours ago, flinx said:

I can't post links due to non-disclosure agreements.

The best way to handle a situation like this (even if you weren't asking in these forums) is to create a minimal demo that just has the most basic, generic stuff possible, NOT all the "real" graphics and functionality. For example, use a few simple colored <div> elements and reproduce the basic concept. Build it up until it breaks. You'll be surprised how often that'll help you catch your own mistakes or at least isolate the real issue. 


If nobody responds here and you still need some troubleshooting help, we do offer paid consulting but our time is in high demand so we have limited availability and we're not exactly inexpensive (though I'd argue we offer the best bang-for-the-buck, all things considered). You can contact us directly if you want to pursue that. 


Good luck!

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Thanks very much Jack,

this approach helped indeed, and we're now closer to a solution.


I will definitely get in touch with your team directly in the future now that I know you offer paid consulting.

We work with high-profile clients and definitely appreciate the value of a top-notch support.



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