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Happy 4th!


I would like to adjust the x position of a child swf upon a navigation button event.


The child is sitting within the classic GAIA heirarchy index/nav/contact. Here is the relevant GAIA nav click event code in the parent AS file:


private function onNavClick(e:MouseEvent):void


switch(e.currentTarget) {

case homeBtn: Gaia.api.goto(Pages.HOME); break;

case contactBtn: TweenLite.to(childSWF, 1, { x: -500 } ); break;

case nav1: Gaia.api.goto(Pages.MARKETING); break;


I am trying to do what Smetna does on Bio click: http://smetana.net/


I see two steps required:

1. Determine the current child that is playing; (What is the syntax for doing this? All I found was this.getChildByName, but that is not what I want)

2. Tween the child: case contactBtn: TweenLite.to(childSWF, 1, { x: -500 } ); break;


Can you please help me with the syntax on step 1? Or is there a better way?



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Sounds like a question you should post in the Gaia forums (sorry, this forum is just for GreenSock-related questions). I'm not very familiar with Gaia (although I hear great things about it).

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