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Usage of Club Greensock extra plugins

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Hi everyone ... Quick question:  Can I use the extras like the Physics2D plugin for a client. I would be buying the ShockinglyGreen membership for me personally but what if I create animation for a client that uses this plugin?

Many thanks!


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Good question, @coco. "Shockingly Green" would suffice as long as you're not using GreenSock technology in sites/apps/products for which a fee is collected from MULTIPLE customers. For example, if you build a custom web site for your customer (and only that one customer) and charge them $1,000,000 (or whatever), that doesn't require the special commercial license that comes with "Business Green" memberships. But if you (or they) sell that same thing to someone else, now that requires the appropriate "Business Green" membership. See https://greensock.com/licensing and


Oh, and please don't include any of the bonus plugins in a public repository, like a Github repo (just because that'd make it super easy for anyone to steal the plugins or it could accidentally give those repo users the impression that all the code is open source). 


I think you'll find that the membership pays for itself in a matter of days, or weeks at the most. 


I look forward to seeing you on the membership roster soon! https://greensock.com/club  

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I see. Just to clarify a little further only because I don't want to misunderstand the license as I read it. I am doing some freelance work for an ad agency at the moment. The ad agency has the client and I am working on something for their client's site. If I use the plugins from my Shockingly Green for a banner ad or say a hero animation on the site, does this fall under acceptable use? There is only one site. There is no distribution. The code is uploaded to a private repo. No part of the site is selling anything as it is just informational. 

Thanks for the detailed reply!
Sooooo glad to be back. :-) 

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Yep, as long as that site is just an informational one (no members-only areas where a fee is charged or whatever) and you (and your client) aren't reselling the work multiple times, you're golden (or...green ;))


Our whole business model relies on the honor system anyway. We don't burn resources hunting down violators, threatening lawsuits, etc. We extend respect to our users, believing that the respect will be reciprocated and most people want to do the right thing. 👍


Good luck with the project(s)!

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